Sunday, October 28, 2012

Quick links to Chapter 3

Links to verses in Chapter 3 for your quick access (this section will be updated regularly):

3.1: excuse making - a lost art
3.2: feeling confused? you're not alone...
3.3: what is religion?
3.4: a story about birds...with a side dish of karma yoga!
3.5: putting the pieces together
3.6: be true to yourself
3.7: effective public speaking
3.8: a matter of perspective

**special event recap***: Recap of the "Intro to the Gita" Workshop in Charlottetown, PEI

3.9: what type of karma do you choose?
3.10: a little sacrifice goes a long way
3.11: taking things for granted
3.12: a teachable moment...and an intro to mantra meditation
3.13: the yoga of food
3.14: our important role in taking care of mother earth
3.15: taking directions
3.16: what colour glasses are you wearing?
3.17: bhakti yoga and cheesecake have more in common than you think...
3.18: what's your happiness dependent on?
3.19: and on behalf of...
3.20: someone to look up to
3.21: walk your talk
3.22: yoga and leadership
3.23: spirit of leadership
3.24: to follow or to imitate?
3.25: don't be fooled by what you see
3.26: think before you speak
3.27: air freshener anyone? living under the influence...
3.28: a win-win situation
3.29: wake up! you're under a spell...
3.30: is fear of success holding you back?

**special blog post: skipping to chapter 6...just for today!

3.31: taming the green-eyed monster
3.32: service: the solution to envy
3.33: if everyone was the would be so boring!
3.34: aversion and attachment
3.35: uncover the masks
3.36: what is sin?
3.37: love vs. lust
3.38: power of analogies
3.39: burning like fire
3.40: strategic yoga
3.41: tired of the same old?
3.42: moments of emptiness
3.43: are you aware of what's going on?