Tuesday, April 23, 2013

new things on the horizon - blog name change!

My dear readers,

Some exciting news! In the next few days this blog will be re-directed to a new web address! For those of you who have saved www.gitaasitis.com as a bookmark or regularly access the site using that address, please be on the look out as the new web address will be www.everydaygita.com in honour of the blog's new name - EVERYDAY GITA! Some of you may have already noticed that the blog is sporting a new look in the form of a new logo. :)

Please feel free to spread the word about the re-direct from www.gitaasitis.com to www.everydaygita.com. Please note, if you have saved the blog name as www.gita-asitis.blogspot.ca, you won't have to worry about anything. You'll still be able to access everything using that address.

We're hoping to make the move probably by the end of this week so that readers and visitors will have a chance to hear about the news. If anyone is curious as to why the name change, here's the reason why. The goal of this blog is to present the Gita in a practical and relevant manner....for everyone for everyday use. :) Hopefully this name change will be more reflective of the content.

I seek your blessings, encouragement and prayers in this transition. Hope you'll be back for today's post which will be put up later this evening!

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