Wednesday, March 27, 2013

the key to getting out of a bad contract

Verse 2.39: Thus far I have described this knowledge to you through analytical study. Now listen as I explain it in terms of working without fruitive results. O son of Pṛthā, when you act in such knowledge you can free yourself from the bondage of works.

"Knowledge is power." Sound familiar? My question has always been, "What kind of power does it give you?" The answer is finally revealed today in this verse of the Gita.

True knowledge gives us the power to free ourselves from the bondage of work. That bondage of work is more commonly known as karma. I find it interesting that the word karma is used quite commonly these days as another way of saying "You got (or will get) what's coming to you." It actually puts into perspective what karma is all about: a binding contract.

However, karma is no ordinary contract; it's one that you can't get out of! If we operate on the good karma and bad karma platform, there's no escape. As well, there's no cancelling of each other out! So for all of you out there thinking, I'll just do x amount of "good" things to cancel out the "bad". Sorry! No can do. It just doesn't work like that

If you perform some "good" activity then you are due to receive something "good" in return. Same rules apply with performing "bad" activities. But like all contracts, we're either blissfully unaware of or ignore the fine print which reads: That reaction that's due to come to you may not come in this lifetime. It may come in later lifetimes.

Any intelligent business person knows that that's a BAD deal. Would you enter into a contract knowing fully well that your investment may not come in this lifetime? I sure wouldn't!

Say you did sign on the dotted line and got yourself wrapped up in this bad mess. What do you do then? You immediately call the most brilliant lawyer you can find a loop hole or way out. That's exactly what Krsna is presenting to us here today - our ticket out.

So how do we get out? Come back tomorrow to find out!


  1. I am curious to know how? Is it by renouncing the fruits of our labors? Or is it by doing japa and cultivating prema pryojana? Hare krishna. Prema for krishna signifies you are liberated, I should think!

    1. What a great question! Thanks for asking it. The answer really depends on what level the aspiring bhakti practitioner is on. At this point in the Gita, Krsna is giving the answer which is appropriate for one who is just beginning - renouncing the fruits of our labour (i.e. performing akarmic activities). That in itself can be difficult for most of us and that's why Krsna gives us a beautiful recipe by which we can learn to become unattached which you can find here -

      Performing spiritual activities like mantra meditation (japa) speeds up this process because it helps to clean the heart from all the material conceptions that are covering it. By doing both, one can very easily get out of this "bad contract" that we've signed. Hope that helps!