Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Verse 1.11: All of you must now give full support to Grandfather Bhīṣma, as you stand at your respective strategic points of entrance into the phalanx of the army.

In my year's of practicing bhakti, nothing serves to inspire and motivate me more than encouragement. Just as we see here, Duryodhana is encouraging the other warriors by stating they must give their full support to Bhisma, similarly we too need great encouragement.

Although the path of bhakti may appear to be strewn with obstacles, challenges, impediments and disappointments, it's amazing what a little bit of encouragement can do. For many, our belief in ourselves is often close to nil when it matters the most. We may project an air of confidence, coolness and positivity when inside we are battling the grotesque demons of self-doubt, disappointment and lack of determination.

Although bhakti is an internal process that we must take responsibility for, being in the association of like-minded practitioners is so essential. It is in their midst that we can soak in the soothing balm of encouragement that we all crave and deserve.

Such friends see the best in us. They console us and sit with us in our times of crisis and need and are the first to applaud and embrace us in our moments of surrender and spiritual happiness. They are also the one's that tell us what we need to hear when we may not be so willing, but do so by sandwiching it in between inspiring words and actions.

Think back to a time when you were struggling and weren't sure you could make it through a situation. Wasn't it encouragement that got you through?

It's the start of the new year and so I invite everyone to start it off on the right foot. This week, encourage the heck out of someone! Ensure they feel your genuine faith in them and your conviction that they can succeed on the path of bhakti.

What goes around comes the more we encourage, the more we will receive it.


  1. Thanks for the inspiring blog :) Spiritual encouragement works in mysterious ways: sometimes we need cheerleading and other times just a few words.

  2. So true. Sometimes what's needed is that 3 hour "wake up to reality" personal coaching session coated with love and sometimes all you need is, "thanks for being here with me."