Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Verse 1.20: At that time Arjuna, the son of Pāṇḍu, seated in the chariot bearing the flag marked with Hanumān, took up his bow and prepared to shoot his arrows. O King, after looking at the sons of Dhṛtarāṣṭra drawn in military array, Arjuna then spoke to Lord Kṛṣṇa these words.

Bhakti is not about getting something, it is about seeking shelter. I know in my own life, the times I've felt the most confident and peaceful is when I've felt taken care of. At those times, doubts, confusion and even discouraging words of others have had little to no effect on me.

In this chaotic world we live in, there's a different mantra being tossed out. "It's on you to take care of everything. Don't depend on anyone else, you'll be disappointed." That's a lot of pressure. No wonder everyone is totally stressed out these days!

That being said, there is some truth to the second part of that thought. It's true that depending on others can lead to disappointment, but that's where intelligence has to come in. We should depend on those who are taking shelter of bhakti. Such persons, who already have shelter are the perfect one's who can give us shelter because they are not lacking.

Firstly, looking for shelter in objects, gadgets and places is useless since it is only meaningful relationships that can give us the guidance, personal interaction and affection that we crave. Secondly, when we seek shelter from people that don't have shelter themselves, it is like asking a poor man to give us money. We can only receive something from someone who already possesses it and furthermore someone who is not miserly.

I think of my own spiritual mentor who travels the world giving shelter to so many people. He doesn't ask for anything in return; all he wants is for everyone to experience the bliss of loving God.

Here we see that Arjuna is supremely sheltered. Not only does he have the Supreme Lord, Krsna, as his friend and chariot driver, but he also has on his flag a great devotee (follower and lover) of Krsna - Hanuman. It is because Arjuna seeks shelter in Krsna that he becomes peaceful and victorious.

We can learn from Arjuna one of the many secrets to being successful in bhakti - being properly sheltered.

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