Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Verse 1.37-1.38: O Janārdana, although these men, their hearts overtaken by greed, see no fault in killing one's family or quarreling with friends, why should we, who can see the crime in destroying a family, engage in these acts of sin?

Greed. We all experience it and as young children are taught that it is unfavorable. But why are we greedy? If we actually stop to introspect, greed often arises from some unfulfilled need which we try to assuage by accumulating possessions or power.

Greed implies that we already have something. It does not arise due a lack of something but a desire for more. When I went to look it up, one of the definitions I found was this: excessive or rapacious desire, especially for wealth or possessions.

Interesting isn't it? Greed simply translates to excessive desire. If we stop and take a look, the entire world is operating on this principle. Families are broken up due to greed, relationships are destroyed and feelings are hurt. Take note of those who are affected by greed - living things. Those persons and living entities that we can actually have relationships with are the ones that are affected and hurt.

I find it ironic that material society promotes happy and meaningful relationships through consumer products, romantic comedies, happily ever after stories and even celebrities to some extent. However, on the other hand, this society also promotes overindulgence, consumerism and the "more is more" attitude. Essentially modern society is promoting the tools to undermine what people are hankering for - meaningful relationships.

When one is greedy it is impossible to be selfless. All the energy and concentration is being fixed on your desire for more which means that there's just none left to spare for anything or anyone else.

This, however, is with respect to material greed. Did you know that there is such a thing as spiritual greed? This is what makes bhakti so distinct; many of the negative qualities which we try to keep hidden away inside of ourselves can be spiritualized and thus made positive.

So instead of excessively desiring for material objects, we can excessively desire to connect with Krsna. We can excessively desire to serve other bhakti practitioners and chant with the mood of wanting to please Krsna. The list can go on and on...and you know what? This in turn will help us in our relationships with others. By pleasing Krsna, naturally one becomes blissful and that has a positive effect in our interactions and relationships with others.

Instead of trying to remove something, the process of bhakti can transform it. So what are you waiting for? Take the challenge to become spiritually greedy for Krsna bhakti!


  1. I really liked the message of this post!

    This was actually a refreshing read this morning. Thank you!

    "This in turn will help us in our relationships with others. By pleasing Krsna, naturally one becomes blissful and that has a positive effect in our interactions and relationships with others."

    Sometimes I feel guilty and even different for putting my spiritual reading and chanting first. There are dishes to wash, things to do around the house, which I do get to but I figure can wait. Most everyone around me thinks its kind of silly to use my spare time chanting, reading,for they don't really share the same interests and don't see any significance in those acts.

    But what you said about pursuing and pleasing Krishna having positive effects later on in the way we interact with others makes total sense because even my children can tell when I've just finished a session of chanting. They say I am a lot more compassionate and patient. My whole perspective and mood shifts. And in the process oftentimes the whole atmosphere in our home becomes lighter, more peaceful.

    Thanks for another great post. :)

    Hare Krishna!

  2. Hare Krsna Jessica!

    I always look forward to your wonderful comments. Thank you so much for always sharing them!

    That's so amazing that you actually have practical realization of the benefits of putting your spiritual reading and chanting first. I know that whenever I do so, I have the exact same experience.

    In fact, one of my spiritual mentors once said that chanting all your rounds first thing in the morning actually acts as a protective shield. Krsna protects us from those influences that are actually unfavorable to the cultivation of our bhakti during the day. Another experience is that time seems to be working with us as opposed to against us! Makes sense since Krsna does say, "Time I am!"

    Hope you have another blissful day of hearing and chanting!

    Hare Krsna! :D