Thursday, January 3, 2013

recognize compassion

Verse 1.12: Then Bhīṣma, the great valiant grandsire of the Kuru dynasty, the grandfather of the fighters, blew his conchshell very loudly, making a sound like the roar of a lion, giving Duryodhana joy.

The hearts of those who are filled with compassion always want to bring joy to others. As aspiring bhakti yogis, it is not only important to be compassionate to others but to recognize compassion in our own lives.

Oftentimes we get so caught up in our troubles and thoughts that we fail to recognize when we are are the recipient of compassion. This can pose a challenge since often it is only when we feel the compassion of others on us that it inspires us to become compassionate towards others. In this way we can ultimately "pay it forward."

I was a recipient of compassion today and it gladdened my heart. It was a cold day and after a tiring day of work I was walking to the bus stop. As I walked the stretch, I could see in the distance the bus I hoped to get on. The challenge I faced was that my stop was not only across the street but also on the opposite side which meant I was at the mercy of two traffic lights and the bus driver!

Luckily the light was in my favour and as I walked across the street and looked at the opposite corner where the bus was waiting, I kept wondering, "Will the bus driver wait for me?" As soon as the light turned, I hurried across and to my surprise the bus driver just waited patiently with the door open until I got on. "Thank you so much," I said with great gratitude as I plonked down on the nearest seat, after nearly wiping out on the slippery floor.

The greatest compassion we can give is to help others revive their dormant bhakti. However recognizing the little things, like the kindness and compassion of a stranger, will ensure that we always feel that too are the recipient of the Lord's grace.

So take up the challenge! Everyday reflect on a moment when you were the recipient of compassion. You'll find that the Lord is always sending some your way; you just need to wake up and see it!

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