Saturday, February 2, 2013


Verse 2.2: The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: My dear Arjuna, how have these impurities come upon you? They are not at all befitting a man who knows the value of life. They lead not to higher planets but to infamy.

I've always felt that the Gita is all encompassing in its knowledge. Not only does it teach anyone who is interested the deeper aspects of who and why we are here in this material world, but it also teaches us very fundamental aspects of human interaction. Despite the fact that Krsna is God, he is also Arjuna's friend. Although we may not be able to relate to having a relationship with God, everyone can relate to having friends.

Krsna here is showing us how to be an exemplary friend. First he started off by simply listening to Arjuna and now he is posing questions to Arjuna. He doesn't call him a fool outright and put him down, but instead asks Arjuna to provide him with answers. As was mentioned in yesterday's post, God helps those who genuinely call out for help.

Arjuna hasn't still come out and asked for Krsna's help. He is still talking to Krsna as a friend and so Krsna is relating to Arjuna as a friend.

This is the beauty of having a relationship with Krsna. We can have whatever relationship we desire be it in friendship, servitude, parental, amorous or even neutrality. We don't even get to choose the type of relationships we get to have with people here in the material world, but with God, there's a choice!

That's why Krsna is following Arjuna's lead and speaking to him as a friend. And what a beautiful example of friendship this is! Krsna is treating Arjuna as an equal and therefore instead of providing him with answers, instead Krsna asks Arjuna to explain to him what's happening. The relationship dynamic will change soon, and so it's important to take note of the relationship now so that we'll be able to understand the difference once it changes to that of a teacher and student.

God is your friend, so take the time to reveal your heart to him today. He already know's what's inside, but the simple act of actually making the time to tell him will serve to help deepen your relationship with him!


  1. Yes! God does know our needs before we ask, but He does so appreciate it when we take time to converse with Him. The Lord is our best friend!

  2. So true! The Lord is not ONLY just our friend but our very best friend! Thanks Martha!

  3. I struggle with the idea of personal prayer sometimes...It's sometimes seemingly inconceivable that we can come before God in that way...What an amazing and tender love He must have for us.
    Great post. :)

  4. I think we all struggle with personal prayer Jessica just because we are living in such an impersonal world. However, it's like you said - Krsna has such an amazing and tender love for us. So if we just invest a little faith, the reciprocation is amazing!