Monday, February 4, 2013


Verse 2.4: Arjuna said: O killer of enemies, O killer of Madhu, how can I counterattack with arrows in battle men like Bhīṣma and Droṇa, who are worthy of my worship?

I find it interesting how Arjuna speaks of counteracting those who are worthy of worship with arrows. Again, this is very relatable even in our own lives. Just replace actual arrows with the arrow-like words that we sometimes use to pierce people's hearts.

Ever speak harsh words to someone worthy of worship? Shamefully, I have to admit I do. All the time. They are called my parents! Mercifully they still love me and tolerate me but sometimes my temper gets the better of me and I say something that is just mean-spirited.

It's often hard to think of those who are nearest and dearest to us as those worthy of our worship. My parents are not only worthy of such respect because they are my parents, but they are also great bhakti yogis. I think that's where the problem lies. When we have a particular relationship with someone, it colours our perception. And it works both ways. We either become too familiar and forget to see whatever greatness that lies there or conversely we only see the good and then we are not able to recognize short-comings which we possibly might try to emulate.

In my own personal instance, I definitely fall into the "too familiar category." Interestingly though, Arjuna is falling into the "rose-coloured glasses category." As we'll hear about tomorrow, Bhīṣma and Droṇa are not conducting themselves in a way that is worthy of respect.

It's a balancing act. Whether it be regular life, or even more importantly, spiritual life, balance is required. If we are unable to see things "as they are" then our judgement and perception can be easily clouded. Hence, the importance of once again having a spiritual mentor. Such a person, who is balanced themselves, or as the Gita describes, is equipoised, can help sort us out. They can tell us when we are veering too far to the left or to the right and help ground us in the middle.

You know, today I really didn't know what to write about. There are days when I really feel that I haven't written anything and instead I've just been there watching as words appear on the page. Today was such a day. I think Krsna knew that I needed to be reminded of these two points. Firstly, there are several persons worthy of our respect/worship that surround us and it's important to recognize them and be aware of how we treat them. Secondly, being balanced in how we not only view others but in everything that we do is extremely necessary in the practice of bhakti; the only way we can learn to become equipoised is from those who already live it.

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