Friday, February 1, 2013


Verse 2.1: Sañjaya said: Seeing Arjuna full of compassion, his mind depressed, his eyes full of tears, Madhusūdana, Kṛṣṇa, spoke the following words.

I think most of us have had this experience. It's when you've completely given up, thrown your hands in the air and with all sincerity say to God, "HELP!" that helps comes. Arjuna is in that position right now. He's said his piece and feels he's at a complete loss. Now he is quietly sitting and waiting for Krsna to speak.

We too like to think to that we can solve it all and Krsna is so kind that he doesn't interfere with our free will. So he watches. Make no mistake, it's not that Krsna is ignoring you, he's actually paying very close attention. Krsna is not only paying attention to our actions but our mentality as well.

And that's what we forget to recognize. The question often comes up, "Why isn't God helping me? I need help but he's not providing it! Why?" See, intellectually we may realize that we need help but if deep within our heart we still are not 100% convinced, help may not necessarily come. Many of us, in our low moments, blame God already so he doesn't want to give us another reason! Krsna doesn't want to be in the position that he sees we need help, although we are not totally convinced, and he comes and helps and then instead of thanking him, we blame him! Sound familiar?

Krsna is really intelligent. Instead he gives us all the time we need. He allows us to go through all the stages from "I don't need help," to "Maybe I need help," to "I need help but I'm not sure I want it" to "Ok. Enough of this. Please help!"

It's not so much the cry for help that is of value as the emotion and intensity behind it. Just as a Mother knows when a child really needs her attention and when he/she is just calling out for Mom for the sake of it, Krsna knows. When we genuinely feel that there is no where else to turn and Krsna is the only person we can seek refuge in, you think he's going to abandon you?

There is a beautiful story in the Mahabharat that illustrates this point. At one point in time, Draupadi, the wife of the five Pandavas was being publicly humiliated in an assembly. Her husbands were incapable of doing anything to prevent this dishonour and so Draupadi, a great bhakti yogini in her own right, started appealing to the numerous personalities present. She appealed to the elders, to her equals and finally she realized that no one could help her but Krsna. At that moment, she threw her hands in the air and started praying to Krsna who immediately provided her with help. Later on Draupadi asked Krsna, "Why didn't you come sooner? You knew I was in trouble!" Krsna responded by saying, "You were turning to so many other people that I thought you didn't need my help. But as soon as you called out to me, I came right away."

This beautiful pastime illustrates an important message. As long as we think that our shelter, protection or refuge is anywhere else but in Krsna, Krsna may not come. But the instant we too put all our faith in Krsna and ask him to be our protection, without a doubt we can count on him to come.


  1. Placing all our faith in the Lord . . . this was an absolutely marvelous read!

  2. Thanks so much Martha! May you always feel inspired to place your faith in the Lord!

  3. This was a great post. The story of Draupadi really resonated. It was a timely article for me to read. Thank you. :)

  4. I love the story of Draupadi myself! Good reminder that Krsna is just waiting to answer our call!

  5. what a well articulated master piece !!! simply awesome knowledge behind it !!!